Dynamic Television

DYNAMIC TELEVISION is a production, financing and distribution company with a global strategy to bring premium television programming to worldwide audiences. With series productions in the US, Canada, Scandinavia, South Africa, and Europe, Dynamic Television is on the forefront of facilitating new development and production models for original dramas and is a leader in sales, marketing, and distribution.

Dynamic is a group of people committed to building a company based on our Core Values. Everything we do, our passions, our projects, our culture are reflected in what we believe in most:

Think Differently
Challenges are new opportunities for achievement

Communicate First
By leading and listening we empower each other and our partners

Believe in the Team
Through trust and accountability we can execute brilliantly

Love What You Do
Passion and determination are the pillars of accomplishment

Raise Your Bar
Push yourself higher and do more than you thought possible

We believe alignment between our core values and our team, our partners, our projects and all of our stakeholders are critical to our success, and an embodiment of what we do.